Calling all Dads & Father Figures 

Watch Dogs is a National Volunteer Program that has dads in supporting roles at our school buildings.  At Sandoz you will sign up in the fall, and choose your 1 day of the school year to be present in our building.  Dad and their kids will report to school at 8am and have their orientation with Mrs. Leu or Mrs. Overman in the library.  Dad will get a daily schedule.  Dads will spend some time in their child's/children's classroom, but not the whole day.  They will be in a variety of grade-levels providing a role model to all students.  Teachers have activities planned for them, and they will always work with groups of kids.  We have cool t-Shirts for Dads and their kids to wear during the day so that everyone will know who our Watch Dog is for the day! They also get to eat lunch with their child/children.  Our school has Watch Dogs every Wednesday & Friday.  

Sign Up HERE to become a Watch Dog!


You can email Mrs. Leu or Mrs. Overman, our program leaders, with any questions.