All students use the library.  Please see the grade level list of how many books each can checkout.  All physical books are checked out for 2 weeks before they are overdue, while digital books are all different based on the publisher.  Notices for overdue or missing books will be part of Parent Conference Folders and or Report Cards.  You will not need to pay for fine unless Mrs. Haver personally contacts you.  Fines can be cash or checks-payable to Sandoz Elementary.  If students have checked out their maximum amount of books and haven't returned they can not check out more.  Books are responsibility of student and their family once they leave the library.  Questions/Concerns or 402-715-8492

Preschool one book each week

Kindergarten one book each week moving into two books at Second Semester

1st Grade two books each daily/weekly

2nd Grade two books each daily/weekly

3rd Grade two book and one magazine weekly

4th Grade two books and one magazine weekly

5th Grade two books and one magazine weekly