What does your child learn when they come to the library or lab?

All lessons are taught collaboratively with the classroom teacher.  The skills they learn during these lessons create lifelong 21st Century Learners who will be ready for life and work in our modern society.
  • Digital Citizenship ~ K-5th learn to communicate effectively/appropriately in the 21st Century using a variety of devices and tools.
  • Keyboarding ~ 2nd-5th learn correct finger placement and keyboarding skills to enhance 21st Century learning.
  • Computer Code ~ K-5th complete coding lessons throughout the year to understand how the programs they use are made.
  • Information Skills and Research ~ K-5th Grade use these skills to tie all other learning together and create meaningful connections.

The following links are all used by students for research.  There are username/passwords for each site.  Students were given a bookmark at the beginning of the year with all username/password information.  If they have forgotten, please have them come see me.


 Use this link to find books in our online catalog, or download one of our ebooks on your own device
 Use this link to research many topics. 1st-3rd use Kids Search, and 4th/5th use Student Book!
 Use this link to research topics
 Use this link for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade research
 Use this link to learn more about countries and states